We have carried out projects in CERESO Puentecillas Guanajuato, Guanajuato Sports Center, ISAPEG Guanajuato, Hidalgo Irapuato Market, SK TEC Mexicana, among others.



We have carried out projects in:

CERESO Puentecillas Guanajuato

Design of hydraulic and sanitary installation project.

ISAPEG Guanajuato

  Design and project for CAISES, structural calculation, air conditioning, hydraulic and sanitary installations, telephony, voice and data, electrical system.

Hidalgo Irapuato Market

  Design and executive project to construct a new electrical lighting system, considering connections, substations, measuring centers, control boards, and users.

SK TEC Mexicana

  Design and executive project of industrial plant, including foundation design, civil works, metal-mechanics, electricity, compressed air, air conditioning, telephony, voice and data, hydraulic system, sanitary system, and fire system.

Sports Lighting

  Salamanca Baseball Park.

  Salamanca Softball Park.

  Querétaro Corregidora Stadium.

  Sergio León Chávez Stadium.

Guanajuato Sports Center

  Design of hydraulic and sanitary engineering, electrical, lighting and telephony, voice, and data.


Judicial Branch of the Federation in Guanajuato

  Directorate Responsible for Works for all facilities and civil protection.

CERESO Guanajuato

  Study and project of rehabilitation of the general electrical grid, in medium and low voltage, including substation.

CERESO Valle de Santiago

  The study, design, and supervision of the underground medium-voltage network system inside the prison and creation of the pedestal-type substation network and its associated electrical generators to operate the emergency systems.

Inforum Irapuato

  Multifunctional square and urban image engineering project for the exhibition center.