We have carried out high voltage electrical work in en Salamanca – León highway, Celaya’s Railway Bypass, Queretaro’s Freeway, Guadalajara Fuel Storage Terminal of Grupo México, among others.



We have carried out high voltage electrical work in:

Salamanca – León highway

Engineering design for high voltage lines in 115 and 230 kV, management for project approval and construction of highway crossings in 115 and 230 kV, and delivery to CFE.

Celaya’s Railway Bypass

  Within the National Transmission Lines System, high voltage electrical engineering design, project approval management for 115 kV and 400 kV projects, and construction of their lines and delivery to CFE.

Queretaro’s Freeway

  Design of electrical engineering project in 230 kV and management before CFE for its approval.

Nissan Aguascalientes Plant

  Design, project, and management before CFE to construct two 115 kV feeders with a 12-16-20 MVA transformer, including a control room, emergency plant, battery banks, PCYM boards, control, and communications equipment.

Design, project, and management before CFE of 3.5KM transmission line with truncated cone posts for 115 kV circuits.

P&G Mariscala Plant

  Design and construction of extension of S.E. 115 KV power, such as a new bay, approval of the project before CFE, as well as an increase in load.

Guanajuato Puerto Interior

  Adaptation of the electrical power project and supervision for the construction of S.E. of 35 MVA in 115 KV.

S.E. Nochistongo

  Expansion of S.E de Nochistongo, owned by CFE with 230 KV feeders, civil and electromechanical construction, control room, instrumentation, communications and land systems.

Celaya de Ferromex Exchange Patios

  Engineering and calculation project to carry out adjustments in various 115 Kv transmission lines, modifying the gauges of these facilities.

Guadalajara Fuel Storage Terminal of Grupo México

  Engineering and management project before CFE and construction of the relocation of the 230 kV electric transmission line and delivery of it to CFE.